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To inspire girls to become extraordinary women

A Penrhos girl is independent and resilient. She is the girl of today, well-prepared and equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

Penrhos College is an all girls’ school, in the faith of the Uniting Church. We are committed to educating our students for respectful and responsible participation in an increasingly diverse and fast-evolving global community. Equally, we are committed to the promotion of justice and equity in learning, working and social environments that are affirming and inclusive, where each individual feels safe and valued.

Girls of all religious, cultural and gender identities are warmly welcomed here. Our community respects and honours diversity, including (but not limited to) age, ethnicity, family structure, identity, race, culture, physical ability and religion. As a girls’ school, we typically refer to our students as students, girls, ladies or young women; where a preference is expressed for the use of another name and / or pronoun (in communications to, with and about an individual student), this is respected and observed.

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Motivated by a proud history and strong values

The Penrhos College story began in 1952 in a small building in Angelo Street, South Perth with 140 students and 11 staff members under founding Principal Mrs Margaret Way. Today, Penrhos College is a vibrant community of 900 students, 300 staff and more than 10,000 alumni in over 40 countries around the world. Our motto of ‘Strive for the Highest’ continues to be as relevant today as it was in 1952.

Our educational philosophy extends beyond academic achievement to span the ‘Whole Person Paradigm’ of mind, heart, body and spirit. Throughout the phases of development, from the young child in Pre-Kindergarten to the young adult in Year 12, we focus on empowering our students to seize opportunities and challenge convention in pursuit of their dreams and to achieve their personal best.

We are a faith community – the tradition of the Uniting Church and our core shared values guide our actions and our interactions with one another.


Academic opportunities for every individual

Penrhos students consistently achieve excellent academic results and our record speaks for itself.

Our inspirational teaching staff, academic opportunities and outstanding facilities combine to create an environment in which every girl is encouraged to shine.

Our pathways offer something for every individual – from girls studying the WACE, to those on Alternate Pathways, from girls who require bespoke additional support, to those whose high potential requires more tailored extension, every girl is encouraged to grow and is supported to achieve her personal best.

We are consistently recognised for our comprehensive and integrated STEM program, as well as for growing leadership and engagement in STEM matters across the education sector. Penrhos College was the first to be awarded the Governor’s School STEM Awards in both the Primary and Secondary categories in 2017.


was the 2021 Penrhos median ATAR, compared to the state median of 81.75


of the Class of 2021 were in the top 10% (ATAR of 90+)


graduation of Vocational Education and Training (VET) students


We promote a positive and inclusive school culture, in which every student is encouraged to actively model our core shared values. thrive is the name we use to describe our expansive range of programs, experiences and connections – our thrive infrastructure underpins the wellbeing and personal growth of our girls and is integral to the learning experience we offer.

Beginning in Junior School and continuing through Year 12, our thrive curriculum and programs are carefully designed and based on best practice in positive psychology, to stimulate development and enhancement in social and emotional skills.


A world of visual and performing arts

Just one quick peek at the Rixon Theatre – our Performing Arts Centre, with its 750-seat professional theatre complete with orchestra pit – and you’ll know we take the Arts very seriously.

Budding actresses, musicians, dancers and artists all positively embrace our rich Arts program and our College calendar overflows with musical recitals, theatrical productions, drama festivals, dance showcases, art exhibitions and Eisteddfods.

We stimulate our students to think laterally and creatively, to use all the skills they develop across the Penrhos learning experience to shape their strong character and to influence their important life choices.

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Equestrian
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rock climbing
  • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • Soccer
  • Softball

plus many more

An arena of sporting experiences for everyone

From fitness training before school to state-level competition, the Penrhos sports and activities program offers something for every student. Regardless of experience or performance level, each girl has the opportunity to participate, to extend herself beyond her typical comfort zones, to challenge herself and ultimately to achieve her personal best. Our outstanding facilities and dedicated coaching staff will ensure that, no matter where sporting and exercise interests lie, our students’ individual interests, enthusiasm, passion and dedication are wholeheartedly encouraged and supported.

There are a number of non-competitive sporting and exercise activities available outside of school hours for our Junior School students, including swimming, running and tennis. A vast array of competitive and non-competitive sport and exercise options are on offer to our Secondary School students.

A friendly and nurturing boarding community

The Menai Boarding House feels more like a boarding home. We recognise that our boarders have very particular needs; we are home to students through their transition from girls to young women, a time when each student needs to feel safe, supported and special.

Our boarding community is smaller than most, with room for just 100 girls from Years 7 to 12. We have purposely kept our boarding community small to help maintain the nurturing, intimate and safe home-away-from-home that is so valued by our boarders and their parents.

For most girls, moving into the boarding house is their first experience of living away from home. Our weekend orientation program helps ease the initial transition for both girls and parents, while a strong pastoral care system is in place to offer ongoing support to girls throughout the year.

Boarding at Penrhos is a way of life for our boarders and the experience is deep and meaningful. This is a place where independence and cooperation are learned, respect is earned, and lifelong friendships are made.

  • 100 Bedrooms Over three floors
  • Laundry Facilities On every floor
  • House Mothers One to every 25 students
  • Private tutoring rooms Near boarding house entry


Preparing girls for a changing tomorrow

Young women of today can expect to have multiple careers, many of which do not even exist yet. One thing we can be sure of is that technology is likely to feature in whatever career your daughter chooses to progress,

That is why we continue to invest in resource which will ensure we remain at the forefront of information technology in education, to give our girls the learning and research skills they need to effectively adapt to constant change.

Computer acquisitions, regular upgrades and the integration of information technologies across our curriculum are an ongoing priority, with capital expenditure on both hardware and software a major budgetary item.

Extraordinary women of Penrhos

During their time with us, our girls are nurtured to flourish and to grow in their endeavours, to achieve their personal best, to live up to our College motto and to ‘Strive for the Highest’.

We are proud to remain well-connected with our alumni community and to celebrate those stars who wish for their life achievements to be shared with our current students, families and friends.

Penrhos Red Dragon

Inspiring girls to become extraordinary women

From the youngest girl in Pre-Kindergarten to the young woman in Year 12, we ensure a positive and inclusive culture in which each individual student can thrive. We invite you to visit our College and discover the warmth and energy of the Penrhos experience for yourself.