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Inspirational experiences: School Camps

Private school camps are part of the learning experience at Penrhos and provide opportunities for personal development beyond the classroom.  The Penrhos School Camp Program aims to develop inclusivity, a heightened awareness of self and others, and the fostering of independence through participation in programs that challenge and engage students; in mind, heart, body and spirit.

Junior School Camp

Year 5 Camp falls early in first term, with an overnight stay at Point Walter providing the opportunity for students to foster peer relationships that will continue to develop as the year progresses.  The theme of the camp is building connections with new classmates, new students to the College and a new teacher.  Camp provides unique opportunities for students to develop independence and emotional well-being in a supportive environment close to home.

Year 6 Camp provides the opportunity for students to reflect on their time in Junior School as they prepare to transition into Secondary School.  Over the 3 days at Ern Halliday students participate in a wide range of activities that promote personal challenge and the development of supportive relationships with their peers.  During this time students explore the themes of acceptance, care and understanding whilst learning to take care of themselves away from home.

Secondary School Camp

Camps are a compulsory part of our Pastoral Program in Years 7 – 10.

Year 7 Camp provides the opportunity for students to develop friendships and support networks as they transition into Secondary School. Over the 3 days at Nanga Bush Camp students share their first opportunity to sleep in a tent and prepare their own meals with their Form Class and Form Teacher, building connections that will last throughout their years.

Year 8 Camp takes students to the southwest where the themes of self-sufficiency and communal living are introduced.  Spending 4 days in the Karri Forest, students undertake their first mini expedition with the support of peers in their Form Class.  The increase in challenge and adventure provides the platform for students to build their resilience and self-confidence.

Year 9 Camp sees students return to the southwest to journey along the Blackwood River as they expedition on foot and by canoe.  The increased expedition time encourages the girls to take greater personal responsibility, as they begin to develop their leadership skills and use initiative to contribute to the communal living environment.

Year 10 Camp is the pinnacle of the Camp Program at Penrhos.  Students have the opportunity to explore the vast open land and to learn from the local Wajarii people, as they travel on foot across Wooleen Station.  Drawing on all of the skills developed throughout previous camps, to demonstrate their leadership and independence the 8 day journey culminates will students completing the final leg without the company of staff.  Students leave Wooleen with heightened self-belief and confidence, a connection to the unique environment and memories that will last a lifetime.