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Penrhos announces additional Year 5 class for 2021


23 September 2020

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Penrhos College

The upper primary school years (Years 5 and 6) are a pivotal point in girls’ development. Over the course of these years, your daughters begin to develop a more established sense of self, together with their own individual perspective with regard to others.

Influential adults in their lives are especially important during this period of co-regulation, as they model social problem-solving and how to manage emotions; this is the period which forms the base for emerging identity, healthy independence and reciprocity in young adult relationships. With this in mind, our teaching staff develop specific individual goals to nurture the social and emotional development of each student, in collaboration with parents. Working closely together to ensure a cohesive support framework, parents are invited and encouraged to engage in seminars, to make regular visits to the classroom and to participate in fun events such as our Great Penrhos Debate (in which parents go up against their daughters!), Family Challenge STEM night and public speaking competitions.

In 2021 our Junior School Clinical Psychologist will deliver a new Wellbeing Program to our girls that is unique to Penrhos, with a focus on the importance of healthy relationships, on developing a sense of self along with cognitive behavioural strategies, and also implementing key aspects of the UR Strong Program to establish a common vocabulary and a proactive, problem-solving approach. We will also launch our Dragon Quest, a character-building program designed to reward girls who display character strengths such as humility, bravery and care for others – we want to recognise those students who simply do the right thing, day in and day out; by turning expectation into celebration, our world quite simply becomes a better, brighter place.

In the upper primary years at Penrhos, we emphasise the importance of readiness for Secondary School in every respect – we support our girls in investing their very best efforts to achieve their personal best, in supporting each other through life’s daily challenges and, not least, in further building on those strong relationships which will continue to be so important into the future. Our Year 5 and 6 students enjoy considerable contact with staff from the Secondary School, including the Heads of Department in key learning areas, so they begin to feel familiar with the forward path of their educational journeys and are comfortable taking the next steps along the way. Our detailed and extended process of preparation and transition includes sharing experiences with Secondary students and opportunities for Junior School parents to meet with Secondary families.

By the time the girls are ready for Year 7, there is a sense of great excitement and anticipation which we continue to celebrate and enjoy until our young girls confidently turn their attention towards the warm welcome which is extended by their new teachers, friends and mentors in Secondary School. If your daughter is not able to join the Penrhos family from the early years, where the pricing structure is designed to encourage the best possible extended learning experience, she can still prepare for her most important transitional year with a start in Year 5.

To find out more, please contact Enrolment Manager, Courtney Silverthorne, on +61 8 9368 9672 or via enrol@penrhos.wa.edu.au