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Why early learning education is important to young kids, and the benefits of learning and development


23 September 2022

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Penrhos College

Giving your children a head start in life means providing them with a quality early childhood education. Many parents send their kids to child care centres, but it pays to choose a provider that offers expansive early learning programs, focusing on child development and education.

The advantages of a quality education from a young age are endless, allowing them to learn social bonding and emotional skills as well as aid their all-important cognitive development.

Learn more about the proven ways your child can benefit from early childhood education, gaining confidence and independence that will carry them through life.

How early learning programs aid brain development

Children are ready to learn from the day they are born, with budding brains influenced by everything around them. 90% of development occurs in the first 5 years of life, so once hearing and vision have matured, kids between the ages of 3-5 can start early education. Vocabulary typically quadruples at this age, so it’s vital to provide them the right educational interactions to positively affect their cognitive functions and early language skills.

A quality education

Penrhos College guarantees experienced early childhood teachers with bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, or approved qualifications. This focus on accomplished teaching staff is complemented by small class sizes and innovative education options for every young girl who joins us.

What are the benefits of early learning education?

There are multiple advantages to sending your beloved children to a respected ELC in Perth, from promoting healthy social habits to getting on the right learning path.

Numeracy and literacy skills

Research shows developing foundational learning skills from a young age greatly helps success in school. Wide ranging techniques used in early education develop literacy and numeracy skills, from playing music and singing, to drawing and listening to stories. The more exposure they have to positive play relating to writing, reading, and counting, the better chance they have for academic success later in life. 

Develop social skills

Making new friends and interacting with other children is key to growing emotional resilience. Developing social skills means understanding what a healthy relationship looks like, and sending them to the best kindergarten in Perth helps children communicate, be attentive, listen well, gain independence, and share with others. 

Good habits 

The positive effects of a quality education from a young age are far reaching, providing structure and balance to their growing brains. Healthy habits are a big focus, teaching young children to take charge of daily activities like getting dressed, washing hands and brushing teeth. Learning these life skills in a positive environment makes children more likely to cooperate, and communicate their needs in an effective way. 

The good routine established by early childhood learning extends to education. Establishing a fun and healthy educational space means boosting their independence, providing them with a love of learning and a positive attitude to school. 

Choosing a reliable ELC in Perth

The benefits of early childhood learning can last a lifetime, so it’s important to research the best kindergarten in Perth for your children. Penrhos College is a widely respected Perth ELC, where curiosity is encouraged and happiness is a priority. 

Affectionately known as Penrhosies, every young girl that attends our early learning centre receives love and a sense of belonging. Small class sizes, supportive teachers, and a welcoming approach to parental involvement creates a safe learning environment with helpful continuity between classroom and home life. 

Young Penrhosies access a safe community with a focus on personal growth, where they are listened to and encouraged to express feelings and ideas. Specialist subjects include languages (mandarin), music (string instruments), art, drama, dance, sport, and library. 

Leading early learning programs with Penrhos College

Penrhos College is a leading ELC in Perth, providing highly qualified teachers capable of offering an outstanding program to help your child prepare emotionally and cognitively for educational success

Contact Penrhos College today for more information, or to book a tour.