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Welcome to Little Dragons, Penrhos College’s free co-ed playgroup

Photo: Welcome to Little Dragons, Penrhos College’s free co-ed playgroup. Welcome to Little Dragons, Penrhos College’s free co-ed playgroup


9 December 2021

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Parents search high and low for the Perth early learning centre that provides the best start to their child’s schooling career. Kids’ social and emotional intelligence begins developing at a very early age, which is why the pre-kindy they attend is still relevant into adolescence and adulthood.

At Little Dragons, it’s not only the kids who have social time, Penrhos College’s interactive early learning centre Perth, engages both children and parents in a fun, welcoming and nurturing playgroup.


What is Little Dragons?

Little Dragons is held in our Early Learning Centre in South Perth, providing free sessions to girls and boys aged 0-4. Our specialist teachers host interactive educational sessions that offer a great start to any child’s learning journey.

Weekly sessions run on Mondays and Fridays and include:

  • Reading & Rhyme Time, introducing children to literacy skills tailored to pre-kindy
  • Sleeves Up Club, a range of rotating specialist lessons including music, STEM, cooking, movement, art and social skills

Little Dragons playgroup supports safe, comfortable development in the inspiring surroundings of Penrhos College’s Early Learning Centre in Como.

Here your child can be creative. They are encouraged to explore, develop, meet new people and engage in unique educational opportunities. Most importantly, they can be themselves.


How children benefit from attending early learning centres?

Through playgroups, parents can introduce their children to activities and experiences they can’t get at home. At Penrhos College’s Early Learning Centre, children can safely try new things and meet new people. 

These early experiences encourage positive development in a few key ways.


Social skills development

Every child needs the space to develop their unique social style. 

The best way for children aged 0-4 to explore their comfort zone and learn social boundaries is by meeting other children, especially those their own age. 


Building emotional confidence and resilience

Early learning centres ease a child into the idea of separation and independence. To begin with, your child may see playgroup as a shared experience because you are nearby. But eventually, as they make new friends and discover their creativity, they will build the crucial confidence for transitioning into school.


Play-based learning

Children learn with their whole bodies in Little Dragons playgroup. Movement and play are essential ingredients in our sessions, encouraging children to learn with their minds as well as hands and feet.


Encouraging creativity and imagination

From science to sport, maths to music, every endeavour your child will undertake as they grow is founded in creativity and imagination. The activities we structure in Little Dragons sessions encourage children to explore their minds through interactive experiences.


Register your child for Little Dragons

Sessions are free, however, numbers are limited. We encourage you to register early through the form on our website

Alternatively, please contact Little Dragons on (08) 9368 9508 or littledragonsplaygroup@penrhos.wa.edu.au for more information about our children playgroup sessions.