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Tuition Fee Raffle winners – congratulations to the Martin family


4 December 2020

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Penrhos College

What an incredibly warm welcome to Penrhos College for the Martin family. Single ticket holder Brittany Martin is the very lucky winner of our first-ever Tuition Fee Raffle, receiving a $20,000 credit towards her daughter’s 2021 tuition fees!

Foundation President Chris Gee drew the winning ticket at our recent Volunteers’ Sundowner event, at which he emphasised the Foundation’s mission to give as much back to the community as possible. The Penrhos Foundation is committed to an annual Tuition Fee Raffle moving forward – next year, it could be you!

“I thought it was a prank when Chris rang to say I’d won”, said Brittany Martin, who shared the excitement of the win with husband Damian and two daughters Maggie, due to start Kindy in 2021 and Bonnie starting in Pre-K in 2022.

The Martins’ introduction to the Penrhos community was a little less than conventional. Through Brittany’s work as a Specialised Programs Manager for Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation (GRPF), she first visited the College with current Penrhos parent, Fiona White-Hartig, Managing Director of GRPF with the objective of providing boarding scholarships for young girls from the regions.

“The Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation aims to give young people the opportunity to realise their full potential by building self-confidence through entrepreneurial activities, modelling and deportment, health and education, sport and community engagement,” explains Brittany.

“The program is all-inclusive and helps offer opportunities to all young people regardless of gender, race, or socio-economic status. We can’t wait to work with Penrhos to support families from the Pilbara region and beyond.”

Having set the wheels in motion for those GRPF boarding scholarships, Brittany attended Orientation Day and says after that she was completely sold – she vividly recalls saying to herself “there’s no way I’m not sending my girls here”. What began as a meeting looking for the right school for the Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation scholarships, soon turned into an equally important discovery for Brittany – she realised she wanted more than anything for her daughters to be educated at Penrhos. “I am a big believer in nature and nurture both having an impact on our children’s upbringing and Penrhos appeared to be a positive influence for both”.

The all girls’ learning environment was also a big draw card for the Martins, while Brittany specifically loved that our youngest students learn to speak Mandarin from Kindy. As the former captain of state basketball team, the Perth Wildcats, Maggie and Bonnie’s dad Damian is passionate about sport and was super-impressed with the co-curricular opportunities Penrhos offers – not only in sport, but also in language, mathematics, drama and the Arts.

We can’t wait to welcome the Martin family to Penrhos, they certainly are off to a flying start! Thank you to everyone who bought tickets to the Tuition Fee Raffle and keep an eye out for your chance to win next year!