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The benefits of Boarding School for girls at Penrhos College


3 April 2023

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Penrhos College

There’s a lot to be said about focusing on personal growth as a young person. Traditional schools focus on education, often lacking the time and resources needed to develop a girl’s sense of independence and work ethic.

Attending a boarding school in Perth offers a more elevated pathway, where young women have the opportunity to develop valuable life skills while living on campus amongst a close-knit community of fellow students and mentors.

Learn more about the lifelong advantages provided to boarding school students, and how Penrhos College ensures a fun, satisfying journey for every girl on campus.


Why should you consider residential colleges in Perth?

There have always been discussions about the benefits and drawbacks of sending children to boarding schools, or residential colleges, in Australia. While not for everyone, the right boarding schools for girls can offer a focused means of both academic and social education, unlike any other college experience.

Whether you’re considering a boarding school to suit your child’s personality or due to location, they will feel nurtured, safe, and supported, at this crucial transitional period in her life. Choosing an urban school for boarders like Penrhos College prevents feelings of isolation, providing a sense of freedom and autonomy ideal for prosperous personal growth.


What are the key benefits of boarding school for girls

One of the main advantages of selecting a Boarding School in Perth is preventing loneliness. Those living in rural areas or moving from overseas gain a sense of family and community, negating the need for online learning programs that lack mental and physical health support.

A core focus of leading girls boarding schools like Penrhos College is providing a well-rounded curriculum, offering better opportunities for both academic and co-curricular education. This holistic approach to learning, along with a low student-teacher ratio, makes for a versatile and adaptable young woman with an integrated worldview.

Allowing young girls to develop personal responsibility helps not only with time management and self-motivation, but developing meaningful friendships through shared challenges and caring support.


What your daughter can expect at a girls’ boarding school

Those attending residential colleges in Perth can expect a friendly and intimate environment in which to grow and develop, with restful time spent at home during the school holidays and mid-term breaks

Friendships are a key part of boarding life, with each girl connected with two supportive buddies before they move in. Along with tutors and house mothers, a consistent sense of support provides comfort, while approved host leave allows freedom and fun with shopping, movies, dinners, and more.

With an on-campus Health Centre attended by qualified nurses, you can rest assured unwell students are looked after attentively with parents contacted straight away if further care is needed.


A wide range of enjoyable activities

At Penrhos College’s Boarding School for girls, there is a wide range of community events and activities to enjoy every week. As well as BBQs, sleepovers, sporting carnivals, and movie nights, the girls are encouraged to suggest other fun endeavours like paintball, ice skating, and theatre visits.

Every weekend our innovative Recreation Officer arranges enjoyable outings, often in tandem with other residential colleges, from bowling and movies to socials and aquatic centres.

The immense range of team sports available at Penrhos provides fun opportunities to exercise and compete, whether they are interested in gymnastics, athletics, rowing, swimming, or tennis to name just a few.


Choose a private Boarding School in Perth

Penrhos College is a leading Perth Boarding School for girls, where a welcoming, supportive environment creates a home away from home. Both full-time and day boarders connect as a family unit in the Menai Boarding House, with both classroom learning and fun co-curricular activities for an enjoyable educational experience.

Contact Penrhos College today to discuss enrolment, a campus tour, or to further discuss the benefits of Boarding School for your daughter.