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Planning for your girl’s education: Why choose an all girls private school


23 September 2022

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Penrhos College

Finding the right school for your child can feel overwhelming at times. As well as ensuring your daughter’s happiness, it’s important to choose a school known for delivering quality education to aid their long-term success and independence.

While there are many great schooling options in Perth, the continued graduate achievements of all girls schools prove there are many advantages to single-sex institutions. 

Read on to learn how attendees of all-girls campuses consistently outperform their co-ed peers, and why private girls’ schools are a stable choice for your child


Finding the top schools in Perth for your girls

When searching for the right school for your young girls, there are multiple key aspects parents routinely focus on. From high attendance rates and a lack of bullying to impressive academic results and powerful STEM programs, it can seem an impossible task to find the ideal schooling format that has it all.

With all girls campuses consistently among the top schools in Perth, the many benefits of same-sex schooling are not a coincidence, but rather a proven fact. Girls and young women have been shown to thrive in the safe environment of Penrhos College, with less pressure and harmful stereotypes typically found in co-ed spaces. 


The difference between co-ed and all-girls schools

The effectiveness of all girls private schools in Perth is measured not only by academic results, but in the contentment of all attendees and the overall well-being and success of its graduates. Choosing an educational environment specifically catered to how girls learn and develop, offers even the quietest child the opportunity to succeed through consistent support and tailored assignment feedback.

Co-ed spaces present learning settings with more distractions, for both students and teachers. This can result in poor behavioural interactions, more pressure to conform, and less positive academic feedback opportunities when compared to all girls campuses.


The benefits of all girls schools

There are many proven advantages to all-girls schools, for building both confidence and top-level academic skill sets in the real world.


Ability to overcome cultural and social gender biases

By attending an educational environment with no gender discrimination, girls develop the confidence and knowledge to break female stereotypes in today’s society.


Increased mental toughness

By boosting both educational and interpersonal confidence, all girls colleges tend to produce young women with higher mental strength and emotional control than those in co-ed schools.


Higher career aspirations

Students at private girls schools are shown to have improved life satisfaction, and therefore improved physical and mental health, higher academic outcomes, and more motivation – particularly in typically male-dominated sectors like STEM.


Inspirational environments

By attending educational environments catered toward girls’ unique learning styles – allowing their priorities to take centre stage – the results can be increased political and civic engagement, with informed females more likely to tackle leadership roles. 


Leading academic achievement

With a supportive culture tailored toward encouraging girls to achieve higher results, they are more likely to seek solutions to a problem and look for logical answers to improve their overall academic results. 


Superior mentoring

An impressive community of teachers and peers presents girls with real word preparation, and the confidence to strive for higher aspirations in both their career and personal life. Ongoing support leaves girls better equipped to deal with pressure, stress, and challenges in the long run.


Choose a leading girl’s private school in Perth

Penrhos College has a clear aim, to provide the girls of Perth with the support and means to become extraordinary women and the best person they can be. Choosing a leading all girls private school like Penrhos College means accessing a wide range of stimulating educational and extracurricular activities designed to allow each young girl to best utilise her passions, talents, and skills to reach their full potential.


Enrolling at Penrhos College

With a focus on inspirational staff and student experiences, as well as leading educational environments and a supportive surrounding community, Penrhos College is a leading girl’s private school in Perth, providing the best academic and social experience for the next generation of young women. 

Contact our helpful team today about enrolment, scholarship applications, or booking an informative campus tour.