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Creative Writing Hub: encouraging students to express their voice


July 3, 2019

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Penrhos College

We know that many of our avid readers are also keen authors – we see evidence all the time in the amount of writing-based competitions they enter and the success they have.  But creative writing can often be a solitary activity.  So, in the Library, we decided to encourage our novelists, our poets and our writers to meet together: to learn and share their skills, inspire each other, brainstorm and just enjoy the experience of writing together.

We used NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as our catalyst.  In 2017, all interested writers met every lunchtime in November to work on their novel, planning story line, organising ideas, developing characters and writing.  Completing a novel in a month was always an ambitious task and we didn’t quite make it in 2017.  Fast forward to 2019, persistence and editing skills paid off and the girls are excited to announce that the first of these novels has now been published!

These published titles include Mutant Apples written by Iyanu Adebayo. Kidnapped written by Lauren Rothnie. Utopia written by Isabelle Wilson.

From the popularity of this activity, it was clear that there was a demand for a writing hub and Wednesday Writers was born.  Enthusiastic students are invited to meet every Wednesday lunchtime in the Library.   Each week has a different focus – from ‘round robin’ short stories and ten word stories to character development and the opportunity to work with a variety of guest authors.  Without the constraints of being assessed, students feel empowered to explore their creativity.

What we love about Writing Wednesday according to students Iyanu, Lauren, Juliana, Isabelle:

The freedom to write whatever we want, to challenge our creativity and broaden our writing horizons.

The opportunity to write in genres outside of our comfort zone.

Different writing challenges and games like ‘writing pass the parcel’, but with computers and 80 times more fun than the original.

Getting our books published was awesome.


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