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New Principal 2021

We are excited to be writing a new chapter in the history of Penrhos College, as we welcome Ms Kalea Haran’s appointment as seventh Principal.

Prior to her most recent leadership role as Head of Secondary School at the Australian International School in Singapore, Kalea worked as Assistant Principal for the Harris City Academy Crystal Palace, one of the United Kingdom’s highest nationally performing specialist academies. During her time at Harris, she achieved a rapid improvement in student examination results through her success in nurturing, motivating and building relationships with staff, students and families.

Kalea holds a Master of Education from the University of South Australia and an MBA from Deakin University; she will bring to the role expertise in large-scale school operations and policy development. Her appointment signals a new era for our College, as we strive to prepare our students for the internationally competitive workplaces of the future.

Additional information on the recruitment process, Kalea’s extensive experience and the transition plan for the College is available below.

What was the recruitment process for the appointment?
  • An international recruitment process was undertaken to find the most suitable replacement for the Principal role.
  • The selection process was comprehensive and independent, with a number of candidates considered for the role.
Why was Kalea the top candidate for the role?
  • With her outstanding wealth of experience and strong personal values, Kalea stood out as the top candidate for the role.
  • Kalea has more than 20 years’ experience working in the education sector, most recently as the Head of Secondary School at the Australian International School in Singapore.
  • As well as a clear passion for teaching, Kalea has demonstrated strategic leadership and management experience, delivering exceptional academic results.
  • Her experience is further strengthened by her understanding of policy development and business acumen, underpinned by her studies in Business and Law and an MBA.
  • Kalea’s appointment signals a new era for our College as we strive to prepare our students for the internationally competitive workplaces of the future, while maintaining our traditional values and culture.
What experience does Kalea have?
  • Kalea currently holds the position of Head of Secondary School at the Australian International School (AIS) in Singapore, where she has held a variety of senior leadership positions during the past seven years.
  • Prior to the AIS, she was Assistant Principal and International Baccalaureate Diploma Coordinator for the Harris City Academy in London. Notably, the Academy was in the top two percent of schools for academic performance in England.
  • During her 20 years working in the education sector, Kalea has demonstrated an ability to achieve significant improvements in the academic outcomes and standard of excellence in the school communities in which she has worked.
  • Her success can be attributed to the value she places on delivering a nurturing environment for her students, building authentic relationships that motivate each student to achieve their personal best.
What experience does Kalea have with an Australian curriculum?
  • The Australian International School (AIS) is a co-educational school with 61 per cent of the students being Australian citizens living in Singapore. More than 85 per cent of the AIS teachers received their teaching qualifications in Australia, including Kalea.
  • The AIS adopts the Australian Curriculum as a basis for the Early Years to Year 8 courses, before progressing to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education for years 9 and 10. In Years 11 and 12, students have a choice of the NSW Higher School Certificate or the International Baccalaureate Diploma.
  • In her role at the AIS, Kalea led the Curriculum team in development and implementation, requiring extensive understanding of Australian Curriculum standards.
  • Kalea also studied her Bachelor of Education and Master of Education at the University of South Australia.
Does Kalea share the values and ethos of the College?
  • Kalea supports the values and ethos of the College and the Uniting Church’s celebration of diversity, social justice, inclusion and service.
  • Her Christian foundations inform her deep values, her sense of social justice and her desire to serve her community.
Why is the new position not commencing until 2021?
  • Meg Melville will continue to serve as our Principal in 2020, allowing for an orderly transition in our leadership team.
  • Kalea will complete her current obligations before relocating to Perth with her husband and two children in time to commence the 2021 school year.
  • This timing will ensure minimal disruption to our students through 2020.
What changes does the new Principal intend to make to the College?
  • We welcome the insights that Kalea’s experience working overseas and with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures will bring to the role.
  • We need to constantly evolve our education model to ensure it keeps pace with the real world – the world in which our daughters will collaborate, work, live and succeed.
  • No changes will be made in isolation. Both Council and College Leadership want to engage the community to ensure that our shared vision for an outstanding education and learning experience is achieved.
  • There will be many decisions to make in the years ahead as we progress towards our shared vision, and we encourage everyone to get involved.
  • We want to give all interested students, parents, Alumni and members of our wider College community the opportunity to work with us to create our shared future.
How will the College community be consulted on changes?
  • We will be in touch with the community as various opportunities to participate in changes arise.
  • Feel free to touch base at any time via communications@penrhos.wa.edu.au with any ideas you may have or suggestions as to how we can continually improve.