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The new Science Innovation Centre

Our vision for Science and Innovation

Welcome to the newly opened Science Innovation Centre

A place where leading-edge laboratories and flexible learning spaces promote spontaneous collaboration and innovation across scientific disciplines. A place that encourages every student to step outside their comfort zone in pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

About the building

Our state-of-the-art facility is home to progressive programs, first-class resources and inspiring staff, all combining and complementing each other to provide an outstanding environment for scientific exploration, creative thinking and development.

The three-story building incorporates all the traits of a real-life working environment, including multi-functional labs, break-out collaboration spaces, an amphitheatre-style presentation space, outdoor lab and rooftop deck with views over Perth city. Filled with natural light, open space and embedded technology, the Centre is an inspirational and welcoming environment for learning.

Completed in January 2021, our outstanding new facility will benefit generations of students, staff and the broader College community for decades to come.

Why STEM matters

It is estimated that 75% of jobs in our fastest-growing industries will very soon require skills in STEM. The study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is becoming increasingly significant, and extends far beyond the typical applications and careers that might immediately spring to mind. STEM skills are a growing influence in ethical, political and environmental decision-making, they are the lifeblood of emerging knowledge-based industries and will play an important role in building a robust future economy.

While both males and females benefit from STEM knowledge and skills, females are significantly under-represented in STEM studies and careers across the globe – just one in four IT graduates and fewer than one in 10 engineering graduates are female.

To secure Australia’s economy for the future, the nurture of STEM-based education in young women is vital. This is where the world’s economic development will be increasingly focused, with students who graduate with STEM-related skills and expertise at the cutting edge. Our strong commitment to advancement in STEM will help our girls compete for career opportunities in this historically male-dominated environment.

Read our new Principal Kalea Haran’s thoughts on creating women leaders in STEM, as featured in Business News here. 

Be part of the future of Penrhos

We invite you to make your mark on this spectacular building, through naming rights of unique spaces within the facility for the lifetime of the building, or by securing an element on our striking Periodic Table, which spans two floors of the focal group presentation space. For our alumni community, we offer the opportunity to be one of just 250 women who will write their names on the rooftop deck through our dedicated Alumni Lookout Collective initiative.

Periodic Table

Contribute to the Centre’s progressive programs and initiatives by sponsoring an element on our feature Periodic Table. This impressive Table, which spans two floors of the focal group presentation space, will remain in place for the lifetime of the building.

Elements range from:

  • $2,500 for an allocated plaque
  • $5,000 for a glass plaque of your choice
  • $10,000 for a silver plaque
  • $20,000 for a gold plaque.
Select an element
Name a space

This is the perfect opportunity for families, relevant organisations or local businesses to secure a space name in this state-of-the-art facility for the lifetime of the building.

Flexible project space
Value $150,000
Students are encouraged to take their ideas to the next level in this STEM-focused creative space, which can also double as an extra classroom as required.

With specialist equipment, this ‘clean technology’ workshop will see girls use laser cutting and 3D printing to bring their prototypes to life. Students will also use power tools and low-level woodworking, electric circuits and coding. With a focus on sustainability, the lab will make use of recycled and repurposed materials wherever possible.

To learn more about how you can secure family naming rights, or build the profile of your company or organisation within the far-reaching Penrhos community, please contact our Development Coordinator, Sarah Woods, on (08) 9368 9711 or email giving@penrhos.wa.edu.au

Name a lab

Choose to recognise family or loved ones in your unique personal legacy space within our iconic new facility.

Multi-use lab (Lab M14)
Value $50,000
With a nostalgic nod to the original Science building, this space pairs the original roof with new state-of-the-art facilities. Many of our alumni will remember being taught by Chris Hawkins, who has been with the College for 23 years; Chris is now delighted to teach Human Biology from this special space. The room also borders with two breakout spaces where students can work creatively and collaboratively. This flexible and multipurpose lab has a strong Human Biology emphasis.

Multi-use lab (Lab M15)
Value $50,000
Featuring impressive audio-visual technology, students are drawn into the world of genetics, anatomy, physiology and ecology in this flexible learning space. Facilitators connect with students throughout the room via any of the three screens, which are positioned to best project material in high definition.

Multi-use lab (Lab T14)
Value $50,000
This flexible learning lab is a brand new fully-equipped facility in which students investigate the form and properties of matter and substances. With an industry-standard prep lab across the corridor, students have access to everything they need to replicate a real-world research laboratory. This flexible and multipurpose lab has a strong Chemistry focus.

Multi-use lab (Lab T15)
Value $50,000
With an outlook to the treetops, high ceilings and windows make this lab a bright and airy space in which to learn and grow. A dividing partition to T14 can be opened to create a large transient working space and team-teaching.

Multi-use lab (Lab T16)
Value $50,000
An open-air balcony is a unique feature of this first-class lab, offering both a view of the city and a backdrop of greenery. Internally, this is a dedicated Chemistry space with audio-visual technology at critical points, industry-standard equipment, sensitive safety systems and flexible learning capacity. Facilitators can easily roam this advanced learning space, incorporating a lab which takes interactive learning to a new standard and a breakout space for discussions, brainstorming and ideation.

Outdoor Biology lab (Level M)
Value $50,000
Future biotechnologists, nature conservationists and microbiologists will be inspired learning and working in this space, which features a beautiful backdrop of plants. Doubling as a wet area, there are unlimited opportunities for experiments and research, as students explore living organisms in a live natural environment. This open-air lab also features roof louvre blades that can be opened and closed depending on weather conditions.

To learn more about how you can secure family naming rights, or build the profile of your company or organisation within the far-reaching Penrhos community, please contact our Development Coordinator, Sarah Woods, on (08) 9368 9711 or email giving@penrhos.wa.edu.au

More information

For more information on how you can be involved in supporting the Science Innovation Centre, please contact Development Coordinator, Jaimi Rumbold-Raynsford on (08) 9368 9711 or email penrhosfoundation@penrhos.wa.edu.au