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The future Science Innovation Centre

Explore our 2020 vision for Science and Innovation


The Penrhos learning philosophy is designed to ensure students thrive in an ever-changing and ever-more challenging world. To remain at the forefront of girls’ education, we need leading-edge programs, outstanding staff and first-class resources.

Central to our vision for the future are our plans for the new Science Innovation Centre, where leading edge laboratories and flexible learning spaces will promote spontaneous collaboration and innovation across scientific disciplines, encouraging every student to delve deeper and step outside of their comfort zones in pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

The centre will celebrate the value of scientific thinking and help ensure our students are inspired, nurtured and supported in their personal voyages of scientific exploration.

The future is ours to create

We seek to partner with our community and raise upwards of $500,000 in philanthropic support to enable us to build and equip this landmark testament to STEM education for our students, our community and future generations.

All donations to the Science Innovation Centre are most gratefully encouraged and received. No matter how big or how small, every dollar really does make a difference – all donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible, so please join the generous community of Penrhos donors by giving whatever you can to help ensure the very best of facilities for our girls, both now and in the future.

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Why STEM matters

It is estimated that in the next decade 75% of jobs in the fastest-growing industries will require skills in STEM, yet enrolment in STEM subjects continues in steady decline in Australia.

While both males and females undoubtedly benefit from STEM knowledge and skills, females are significantly under-represented in STEM studies and careers across the globe, representing just one in four IT graduates and fewer than one in 10 engineering graduates.

The study of Science is increasingly significant and extends far beyond the typical applications and traditional careers that might immediately spring to mind. STEM skills are a growing influence in ethical, political and environmental decision-making, they are the lifeblood of emerging knowledge-based industries.

To secure Australia’s economy for the future, the nurture of STEM-based education in young women is vital. This is where the world’s economic development will be increasingly focused in the coming decades, and students who graduate with STEM-related skills and expertise will be at the cutting edge. Embracing a strong commitment to STEM programs at Penrhos College will help position our girls to take advantage of important career opportunities in this historically male-dominated environment.

To secure Australia’s future economy, the nurture of STEM-based education in young women is vital. A STEM-literate student can think for herself – she asks critical questions, forms hypotheses and seeks the necessary data to form her own evidence-based conclusions. The world’s economic development will be increasingly focused on the STEM sector in the coming decades, and students who graduate with STEM-related skills and expertise will be at the cutting edge.

About the building

The Science Innovation Centre will promote creative, collaborative and engaging learning, with all the traits of a real-life working environment.

It will be a bright, light, inspirational and welcoming environment that will naturally engage students in the transformation of spaces to suit the needs of learning experience across:

  • Collaborative learning spaces
  • Leading edge multi-use labs
  • Outdoor lab
  • Amphitheatre-style group presentation space spanning two levels
  • Large open learning commons with multi-screen and lecture facilities
  • Outside rooftop science learning courtyard and lab

The spaces are available for sponsorship — naming rights to remain in place for the lifetime of the building. Please contact the development office on (08) 9368 9711 or giving@penrhos.wa.edu.au for availability and price of these spaces.

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