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Why do an education bequest?

Our students continue to benefit enormously from the generosity and support of our community and from previous generations.

In almost every corner of the Penrhos College campus, there is evidence of legacy giving – from construction of the Jubilee Hall (renamed the Fandry Centre for Sporting Excellence); the Rixon Theatre redevelopment; pieces in the College’s Art Collection, to the WRAAG Pipe Organ proudly housed in the College Chapel.

A bequest is a special way for you to create your own personal lasting legacy and to support future generations of Penrhosians.

Should you desire to make a provision for Penrhos in your Will, please know that all gifts – regardless of size – are significant to our students and create a permanent bond between the donor and the College. We endeavour to work with our benefactors to ensure we fully understand your wishes and apply your gift appropriately.

Your generous support will help Penrhos College to continue to remain at the forefront of single sex girls’ education in WA … championing diversity and equality, building resilience and strength of character, and slaying stereotypes in our quest to deliver an outstanding learning experience which prepares our graduates for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

How to make a bequest

By making a provision for Penrhos College in your Will you create your own personal lasting legacy and ensure that future generations of girls enjoy an exceptional Penrhos College education.

Bequests can take many different forms, the most common being an unrestricted gift which may be directed by the College Foundation and the Principal to address or support any area of particular need. Other examples include:

  • The residue of your estate (after other specific gifts and costs have been distributed)
  • A percentage of the residue
  • A specific sum of money
  • A specific asset such as real estate, works of art, or shares.

Alternatively, donors may choose to direct their gift to a particular area of the College or in support of a scholarship that has significant meaning to them. Every gift is unique to the donor – we warmly encourage you to the Development Office, if this is something you are considering, to ensure we fully appreciate your wishes so your gift can be used in the way you intend. We suggest donors seek independent legal advice from their solicitor when planning a bequest.

Inform the College

It is helpful for us to be aware of your intention to recognise the College in your Will.

We would like to be able to acknowledge and thank our community members who confirm a bequest in their lifetime, to recognise their generosity and to ensure we fully understand their motivations and intentions. We therefore encourage you to please advise us of your bequest either by completing a Bequest Gift form or by contacting our Development Office.

If you have already made a Will and you wish to leave a gift, you may be able to make a simple change by adding a codicil, which includes Penrhos College as a beneficiary.

By making a bequest to Penrhos, you will be invited to become a member of the select Betty Harman Bequest Society; this presents a unique opportunity for those pledging a gift in their Will to become still more closely associated with the College and for their kindness and generosity to be acknowledged during their lifetime.

Betty Harman Bequest Society

Mrs Betty Harman (Past parent and grandparent, Staff Member 1971 -1988, Penrhosian Club member) was an extraordinary woman who devoted much of her life to teaching and caring for girls at Penrhos College. Betty commenced as a teacher at Penrhos College in 1971. In 1977, she was appointed Vice Principal and for a time also held the position of Acting Principal. Principal Rev. Alan Green described her as “everyone’s friend, feared and loved in turns.”

Betty passed away in 2014, leaving a gift to the College in her Will so that she could continue to positively impact girls’ education.

Members of the Betty Harman Bequest Society enjoy special event invitations and continue their close association with the College.

More information

If you would like to discuss the possibility of leaving a bequest to the College, please contact our Development Coordinator, Jaimi Rumbold on:

Phone: (08) 9368 9711
Email: penrhosfoundation@penrhos.wa.edu.au

Please be assured that all enquiries will be treated in complete confidentiality.