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Frequently asked questions

How many students attend Penrhos College?

Penrhos College has a student population of 1,000 students – Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.

Will my daughter be able to attend an overseas university when she graduates from Penrhos College?

Yes, many major worldwide universities accept the West Australian Secondary Graduation Certificate plus an appropriate Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

What are the fees and charges?
Does Penrhos College offer before and after-school care?

Yes, we offer extended hours through our Dragon X program.

How will my Application of Enrolment be processed?

Once a non-refundable administration fee of $110 (inc GST) is received by the Enrolment Manager, your daughter’s enrolment information will be added as a prospective student onto the College database.

How do I know where my daughter sits on the College Waiting List?

Available places are offered in the order in which we receive applications, with priority given for siblings of current Penrhos College students and daughters of past Penrhos College students (Alumni).

How do I request information about Penrhos College?

To receive a Penrhos College Information Pack please contact the Enrolment Manager via enrol@penrhos.wa.edu.au and we shall arrange for this to be posted to you.

Alternatively, you might like to view our recent publications to learn more about the College.

View Penrhos College publications here
When do the College's Tour Events occur?

Tour events are held each Term and provide an excellent opportunity to view the College in action, meet senior staff and students, and tour the campus. Whether you are planning for your daughter to join the College at Junior School or Secondary School, please join us for a Tour Morning or a Twilight Tour.

For more information and dates please visit our Tour Events page.

Visit the Tour Events page
At what years are Boarders accepted at Penrhos College?

Boarders are accepted at all levels from Year 7 onwards. The Penrhos College Menai Boarding House offers accommodation for 100 girls ranging from Years 7 to 12. This is where you’ll find sisterly bonds being formed and life-long friendships being made. We believe that the Penrhos boarding community is the heart and soul of the College.

Does Penrhos College accept International Students?

International applicants from non-English speaking backgrounds are welcomed. Students are required to live on-campus as a Boarding Student.

Penrhos College does not offer English as a second language and students must therefore demonstrate an adequate level of the English language as a pre-requisite to enrolment. In order to establish a student’s level of English she is required to be assessed by Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) an external testing organisation with offices located worldwide. We encourage overseas families to consider enrolling their daughter/s from Year 7 onwards.

For further information, please visit the link below.

Overseas students
Which years are classed as "Intake Years" at Penrhos College?

The intake years in the Junior School are Pre-Kindergarten and Year 5. In the Secondary School, the main intake year is at Year 7. Students are able to join the College at all other Years, provided a place is available.

If I am a past Penrhos College student (Alumni member) how will my daughter's Application of Enrolment be processed?

When a prospective student is the daughter of an Alumni member, the Enrolment Manager ensures that family connections and College ties are noted accordingly on the College database. This information may include links to the mother, grandmother, cousins and aunts. The mother’s House affiliation – to Sparta, Troy, Athens or Rome – is also noted.

What happens if/when my daughter is offered a place at Penrhos College?

In the event that your daughter is offered a place at Penrhos College, families are kindly asked to accept the offer of placement and pay a non-refundable Confirming Fee to the College as proof of acceptance. You and your daughter will be invited to attend an interview with either the Principal, the Enrolment Manager or the Head of Junior School (for Pre-K to Year 6 enrolments) and offered a tour of the College if it is the first time you or your daughter is visiting Penrhos.

Does Penrhos College run an Orientation Program for incoming students?

The Penrhos College Junior School, Secondary School and Boarding House coordinates a variety of events and programs designed to make the transition and “settling in” period as seamless and straight forward as possible – for both students and their parents!

What languages does Penrhos College teach?

Chinese (Mandarin) is offered in the ELC from Pre-K–Year 1. Italian is available in the upper primary years. Students from Years 7 onwards are invited to take Japanese, Italian or French as a subject. A range of cultural tours and study exchanges are also organised for Secondary School students on an annual or bi-annual basis, when COVID-19 regulations permit.