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Parent support groups

Parent Support Groups play an invaluable role within the College to enhance the school experience for both students and parents.

The success of these groups is dependent on totally committed and enthusiastic parents who are prepared to volunteer their time, talents and energy to the cause, which the College is grateful to have working alongside us. You can find current information on the portal about each group.

Our Support Groups

Penrhos College Alumni (Inc)

The Penrhos College Alumni (Inc) works to foster alumni interest and goodwill by encouraging intellectual, social and emotional ties between our 8,000 alumni members and the College. The Alumni organises popular social events such as reunions and networking functions.

Contact: alumni​​@penrhos.wa.edu.au​​

Friends of Penrhos

Friends of Penrhos aims to foster connections, host events and develop initiatives to bring the community together in support of our College and our students.

Friends of Drama and Dance (FODD)

Friends of Drama and Dance provides support to the Drama department of the College, especially for the main events of the year: Dramafest, School Production, Dance Showcase and Variety Night.

Penrhos College Foundation

The College Foundation aims to accumulate, preserve and manage a corpus of funds, the income from which will assist in safeguarding the financial future of Penrhos College while contributing to the school’s ongoing development.

Friends of Music (FOM)

Friends of Music is open to anyone interested in music at Penrhos, particularly those whose daughters play an instrument, sing in a choir or are studying music as a subject. The group’s objective is to create opportunities for parents and teachers to foster the enjoyment and promotion of music.


Menrhos aims to enhance and deepen the relationship between current students and their fathers through Dad and Daughter events. It also works strengthen the bonds between current fathers and the College.

Parent Year Representatives

A number of Penrhos parents volunteer each year to take on the role of Parent Year Representative for their daughters cohort, to enhance parent-College relations and to promote networking events.

Penrhosian Club

The Penrhosian Club welcomes mothers of former students, and current and past staff to maintain links with the College, make new friends and keep in touch with past friends. In 2017 the Club celebrated 40 years of getting together. It is purely a social group and does not fundraise. Meetings are informal and guest speakers are invited to speak on a variety of interesting topics.

Friends of Rowing (FOR)

Friends of Rowing supports the student rowers at Penrhos through organising rowing, social and fundraising events. Each year five regattas are held, including the Head of River Regatta, in which the crews from 10 different schools compete. The rowing season lasts from February to July, during which time there are several social and fundraising events.