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Penrhos College welcomes girls from a wide variety of Christian denominations and other faiths. We believe that our students thrive and achieve their personal best in an environment in which they feel valued and cared for, where diversity is embraced, where there is respect for difference and acceptance of others. This is the cornerstone of our Uniting Church heritage.

Our aim is to develop compassionate young women of integrity, with a rounded appreciation of Christianity and an informed understanding of other cultures and faiths. Our students and staff are encouraged to serve others, both via a range of community service programs and in their everyday life. It is our hope and ambition that our girls will draw on the Penrhos learning experience to go on to use their skills and talents to make a valuable and positive contribution in the world.

Our Chaplain, Paul Whitfield,  joined our community in 2022; his role is to provide students, staff, families and past students with care and guidance.

Chaplain Paul is responsible for our Faith and Values Program, as well as for our whole-of-school worship. He conducts weddings, baptisms and funerals, and delivers a range of wider pastoral services with the Chaplain’s Assistant – together, our Chaplain and his Assistant coordinate services, play an active role in Assemblies and oversee our For Others fundraising group and events (if you are interested in or passionate about social justice, community service, the environment and sustainability, our For Others club is for you!).

Students of all faith traditions are welcomed into our community, along with those who profess none. We are each engaged on an individual journey which will lead us to discover our personal values, moral code and school spirit, also to appreciate the complex array of faith traditions that forms the society in which we live.

Penrhos is a Uniting Church community