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Bus services

There are a number of bus services available to students travelling to and from Penrhos College.

Using a bus service is a great way for students to develop independence and support parents who manage multiple school runs or need to commute to work. It also has the added benefits of reducing traffic congestion and environmental impact.

Penrhos/Wesley Express Bus Services

We are pleased to confirm that there is an afternoon transfer bus available between Penrhos and Wesley College. The transfer bus leaves from the Thelma St bus bays at 3.30pm and stops at the Coode St bus bays outside Wesley College.  From here, girls can access further services to the Perth Hills, Mt Lawley and Rossmoyne.


Penrhos is pleased to announce that the College offers an e-ticketing platform for bus services operated by Horizons West for the routes servicing the Rossmoyne, Bicton and Hills areas.

To use e-ticketing, students will require a Smart Rider card – the same tap and go system currently used for Transperth services.  Application forms can be obtained from either Junior or Secondary School Receptions. The system removes the need for cash handling and allow Penrhos College to know how many students are boarding the buses to ensure appropriate services are used for each route.

Please see the attached How to Guide which explains how to set up an account on the Horizons West website, add funds to your account and will answer any questions you may have.  Please note that the minimum deposit is $50.00.  Please ensure that you enter a valid email address when you set up your account as you will receive notifications when the funds need topping up.

Should you have any questions that are not addressed in the attached information, please contact Finance Officer Helen Thompson on 9368 9566 or email receipts@penrhos.wa.edu.au.

The routes are listed below:

Penrhos / Wesley PM Transfer Bus

15:30 Penrhos College – Thelma St Bus Bays

U turn onto Thelma St, Continue Throssell St, Right Ryrie Ave, Left Murray St, Continue David S, Continue Hensman St, Left Douglas Ave, Left Mill Point Rd, Left Coode St

15:38 Wesley College – Coode St Bus Bays

Harrisdale/Rossmoyne — Penrhos Wesley Bus Run (Morning)

7:00 Bunnings Car Park – Ranford and Wright Rd
7:03 T/P Bus Sop 10518 – Ranford Rd, after Campbell St, Canningvale
7:06 T/P Bus Stop 10520 – Ranford Road, before Queensgate Dr
7:08 T/P Bus Stop 10523 – Ranford Rd, Outside PCLC [Church]
7:22 Bus Stand – Benningfield Rd, outside Bull Creek Tavern [BWS
7:24 T/P Bus Stop 19777 – Bull Creek Dve, Before RAAF Museum, BULL
7:27 T/P Bus Stop 20061 – Central Ave after Third Ave
7:29 T/P Bus Stop 23744 – Fifth Avenue before Corinthian Rd W
7:30 T/P Bus Stop 20081 – Corinthian Rd before Beatrice Ave
7:32 T/P Bus Stop 20089 – Tribute St West before Monota Ave
7:34 T/P Bus Stop 23744 – Fifth Avenue before Corinthian Rd W
7:38 T/P Bus Stop 20099 – Modillion Ave North, near Tricia Crt
7:40 T/P Bus Stop 20094 – Corbel St, Before Tudor Ave N
7:55 Penrhos College – Thelma St Bus Bays
8:10 Wesley College – Coode St Bus Bays

Harrisdale/Rossmoyne — Penrhos Wesley Bus Run (Afternoon)

15:40 Wesley College – Coode St Bus Bays (will not depart until Penrhos Transfer Bus arrives)
15:55 T/P Bus Stop 20096 – Corbel St after Tudor Ave N
15:56 T/P Bus Stop 20098 – Modillion Ave North, near Tricia Crt
15:57 T/P Bus Stop 20093 – Tribute St W after Monota Ave
15:59 T/P Bus Stop 20087 – Beatrice Ave, before Corinthian Rd West
16:00 T/P Bus Stop 20084 – Corinthian Rd W after Sixth Ave
16:01 T/P Bus Stop 20084, Fifth Ave, after Corinthian Rd
16:02 T/P Bus Stop 20076, Fifth Ave, before Central Rd
16:03 T/P Bus Stop 20063 – Central Ave outside IGA
16:08 T/P Bus Stop 19771, Bull Creek Dve, after Gleddon Rd, Bull Creek
16:12 Roadside Stop – Benningfield Rd after Dartford St (break in trees)
16:20 T/P Bus Stop 10512 – Ranford Rd before Banksia Esp
16:22 T/P Bus Stop 10513 – Ranford Rd outside Livingston Shopping Centre
16:25 T/P Bus Stop 10514 – Ranford Rd, past Nicholson Rd
16:26 T/P Bus Stop 10515 – Ranford Rd, before Campbell Rd
16:30 Bunnings Car Park – Ranford and Wright Rd, Southern River

Bicton – Penrhos Wesley Bus Run (Morning ONLY)

7:10 T/P Bus Stop 10890 – Preston Point Rd near Bolton St, East Fremantle
7:11 T/P Bus Stop 10892 – Preston Point Rd corner of Pier St
7:12 T/P Bus Stop 1180 – View Terrace after Clayton St
7:16 T/P Bus Stop 11081 – Preston Point Rd corner of Pt Walter Rd
7:19 Roadside pickup – Stock Rd after Preston Point Rd
7:20 Roadside pickup –  Clive Street after Stock Road
7:24 Before T/P Bus Stop 11069 – Wichman Rd before Bricknell Rd
7:27 T/P Bus Stop 11077 – Hislop Rd outside Car Yard
7:38 T/P Bus Stop 10722 – Marmion St Stand A2 at  Garden City
7:42 T/P Bus Stop 19715 – Coomoora Rd after Bedford Rd
7:45 T/P Bus Stop 19754 – Reynolds Road before Central Ave
7:50 T/P Bus Stop 10321 – Canning Hwy after Reynolds Rd
8:05 Penrhos College – Thelma St
8:15 Wesley College – Coode St Bus Bays

Perth Hills — Penrhos Wesley Bus Run (Morning)

7:05 T/P Bus Stop 14056, Kalamunda Rd at BWS, Maida Vale
7:15 T/P Bus Stop 13757 – Lesmurdie Rd opposite St Brigids
7:22 T/P Bus Stop 13695 – Welshpool Rd E after Crystal Brook Rd
7:42 T/P 14423 Archer St after Gemini
7:46 TP 11688 Oats St after Planet st Before Bishops Gate.
7:48 T/P Bus Stop 13872, Oats St after Rail Crossing, East Vic. Park
7:54 T/P Bus Stop 11772 Berwick St near Willis St
7:57 T/P Bus Stop 11805 George St, after Gwenyfred Rd, Kensington
7:59 Roadside View St, after Brandon St, Kensington
8:05 Penrhos College – Thelma St
8:15 Wesley College – Bus Bays near Chapel

Perth Hills — Penrhos Wesley Bus Run (Afternoon)

3:40pm Wesley College, Coode Street bus bay (will not depart until the Penrhos Transfer Bus arrives)
3:48 Roadside View St, after Dyson St, Kensington
3:50 T/P Bus Stop 11811 George Street, after Landsdowne Road, Kensington
3:54pm T/P Bus Stop 11753 Berwick Street near Willis Street
4:00pm Outside TAFE College, Oats Street, East Victoria Park
4:03pm T/P 11283 Oats Street before Planet Street
4:06pm T/P Bus Stop 14422, Archer Street before Gemini
4:20pm T/P Bus Stop 13855 – Hale Road, after Welshpool Road East
4:25pm T/P Bus Stop 13862 – Hale Road, before Dawson Avenue
4:27pm T/P Bus Stop 14106 – Hawtin Rd after Maude St, Maida Vale
4:30pm T/P Bus Stop 14056, Kalamunda Road at BWS, Maida Vale
4:45pm T/P Bus Stop 13757 – Lesmurdie Road, opposite St Brigids
4:47pm T/P Bus Stop 13760 – Lesmurdie Road after Orana Street
4:55pm T/P Bus Stop 13695 – Welshpool Road East, after Crystal Brook Road
4:58pm T/P Bus Stop 13696 – Welshpool Road East, after Brook Road


Transperth operates several bus services for students living in Applecross, Booragoon, and South Perth.  As these routes are operated externally and subject to change, please visit www.transperth.wa.gov.au or phone 13 62 13 to confirm bus information prior to commencing the first journey.