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Meg Melville Alumni Endeavour Award

  • Are you passionate about giving back to the community?
  • If you could have up to $5,000 to make a difference what would you achieve?
  • Are you interested in enhancing your resume and upskilling in your area of interest?

The Alumni Committee would like to invite Year 12 students to apply for the 2021 Meg Melville Alumni Endeavour Award. This award will see an individual or group granted up to $5,000 to achieve something extraordinary for others once they have graduated. In addition to the grant money, this year’s recipient/s will also receive an optional mentoring opportunity with Gina Cacho to help develop and execute their idea.

Who can apply?
All Year 12 students at Penrhos College are eligible to enter; we do not assess your academic record. All you need is passion and a willingness to give back to the community. If you have an idea but are nervous about how you might deliver it, please get in touch and we can help guide your application. If successful, you will have the option of working with Gina to help develop your idea.

What else do I need to know?
Click on the application buttons below for all the additional information you need to know about the awards.

Want some inspiration?
Click on the below drop down to see examples of previous recipients of the award and read about the optional mentoring opportunity.

Mentoring opportunity with Gina Cacho (optional)

This year’s award recipient will also receive the option to have mentoring with Gina Cacho who has an extensive and diversified career across a number of industries.

Gina Cacho – Penrhos alumni 1995

Gina Cacho (nee Fowler), started her career as a Physiotherapist working both in Perth and London. Gina has had a lifelong interest in the interaction between the environment and human health and was one of the early bloggers and speakers in this space, with her work published in many magazines. She subsequently studied business and positive psychology and has special interests in workplace culture and sustainability. Gina has experience working across the hospitality, tourism, property and automotive industries. Currently Gina works in Future Planning for Fowler Group of Companies on whose board she also sits and is also a part owner of three Physiotherapy practices.

The Fowler Group of companies employs over 200 employees across six diversified businesses including Bentley-based Westside Auto Wholesalers, two holiday parks, Vic Park restaurant; Boston Brewing Co. and Denmark businesses; Willoughy Park Winery and Boston Brewing Co.

Gina has four children, the eldest being a year 8 student at Penrhos. As a Penrhos Alumni Committee member, Gina is very excited to offer mentoring services to the 2021 Meg Melville Alumni Endeavour Award recipient to assist them in doing something extraordinary for others.

Previous recipients

Please have a read through the previous recipients of the Meg Melville Alumni Endeavour Award. We hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas for your application.

2020 – Isabella Crees, Birthing kits for developing countries

Isabella’s endeavour was to assist the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia by resourcing and coordinating the assembling of birthing kits for women in developing countries so they can give birth safety at home. 300,000 women in developing countries die in childbirth from a range of preventable infections every year. One birthing kit can mean the difference between life and death for mothers and their children, with the kit ensuring a safe pregnancy along with clean childbirth and postnatal environments. Following a presentation to Penrhos students, Isabella worked alongside current students to pack birthing kits to send abroad.

2019 – Felicity Lindquist, Derby Early Learning Chicken Program

Felicity used her grant to fund a chicken program in Mowanjum, an Aboriginal community located approximately 10km south-east of Derby which is home to Worrorra, Wunambul and Ngarinyin people. The programs used chickens to assist in the character development of their students, through giving them the responsibility to care of the chickens and foster fundamental life skills through the cooking of the eggs. The school also constructed a chicken coop with nesting boxes. The grant covered expenses for purchasing supplies and equipment, transportation of equipment, and funding for the care of those participating in the holiday program. Surplus money went directly into the school program to provide materials and food that are required for continuation of the program.

2018 – Emma John, Mental health workshops

Emma was passionate about helping teens with mental health issues. Through her volunteer work with Perth-based mental health non-profit organisation, zero2hero and her attendance at ‘Camp Hero’, a week-long program, which helped her realise ‘it’s okay not to be okay’, she was inspired to deliver her learnings back to current students. Emma used her Endeavour Award to deliver a series of workshops for secondary Penrhos students to give them the tools and strategies they need to engage in good mental health practices. She also helped students feel comfortable talking about mental health issues with their peers. Emma hoped the program would grow virally as students themselves become mental health advocates.

2017 – Amelia Davies-Waddell, Melanoma Awareness in high schools

At the age of twelve Amelia was diagnosed with a rare malignant melanoma and subsequently had treatment for cancer which included numerous surgeries, PET scans, oncology visits and therapy. This journey highlighted the importance of awareness of melanoma and sun protection. Amelia was driven to raise awareness of sun protection and the risk of melanoma to high school students. With her love of public speaking, Amelia used her personal experiences to deliver her message, hoping students would relate to and listen more to hearing from a fellow peer.

2016 – Alice Lewis, supporting local women’s refuges and raising awareness for prevention of domestic violence

Alice was passionate about supporting women’s refuges that house women who have been victims of domestic violence. She planned to discover and highlight the needs of our local women’s refuges in terms of resources required that are as yet unaffordable due to budget restrictions. This could include items for daily self-care such as toothbrushes, underwear, shoes, clothes sanitary items, to name a few. Alice was driven to developing and establishing a means/system to collect and distribute items for refuges, raise awareness of the system on campus so that it is well supported and encourage others to contribute ideas and thoughts on fundraising events that might see the donation of money to support the refuges.

 2015 – Zoe Everett, teaching in Vietnam

Upon graduating from Penrhos College, Zoe travelled to Vietnam and volunteered at an orphanage. Through the Global Volunteer Work Organisation, she participated in the program caring for children, teaching basic English, and participating in craft, music and sport activities.

2014 – Jessica Baldock, UWA Enactus – Tanzania Project

Jessica’s interest in commerce led her to apply for the 2014 Endeavour Award to work with international, student run, non-profit organization, Enactus. The program sees volunteers assist and teach the local community to develop fully-sustainable projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Jessica used her grant to apply business concepts to develop outreach projects and innovative strategies that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need with the aim of each project becoming fully self-sustainable. Two projects she worked on included improving living standards for women and children in Kenya and a project called Reshoe which creates microfinance opportunities for vendors in Ghana, to recycle shoes that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Apply now
Please click the button below to submit an online application. Applications close 4pm on Friday, 24 September 2021. If you would like to speak with someone about your application or an idea you have, please contact the committee at alumni@penrhos.wa.edu.au and one of our friendly members will be in touch.

The Meg Melville Alumni Endeavour Award is proudly funded by the Penrhos College Alumni Association.