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Our Principal, Kalea Haran

Kalea Haran is passionate about progress in education.Prior to joining Penrhos in January 2021, Kalea was Head of Secondary School at the Australian International School in Singapore, and was previously Assistant Principal at the Harris City Academy Crystal Palace, one of the United Kingdom’s highest-performing specialist academies.

Along with a Master of Education from the University of South Australia and an MBA from Deakin University, Kalea brings to Penrhos her extensive experience of large-scale, international school operations and policy development, together with her passion for girls’ education.

Kalea says…

I love that the red dragon is a proud and unique symbol of Penrhos College.

I imagine the red 9th Century dragon to be timeless and magnificent, strong-willed, loyal and empathetic, ethical and kind. She sits at the very heart of the Penrhos ethos, inspiring pride and confidence, resilience and determination across generations of girls.

I admire and respect that Penrhosians pursue growth in mind, heart, body and spirit; they value knowledge, empathy, integrity and respect; they are encouraged to demonstrate strength of character and to have the courage of their convictions. Penrhosians are committed to the tireless pursuit of their dreams, to supporting each other and to making a positive contribution in the world.

This is what I want for our girls – to leave us as women who know their purpose in life; I want them to be determined, with the passion to make a positive difference, to use the fire in their belly to chase their dreams and to stand up for what they believe in. Penrhosians don’t let barriers get in their way – they will challenge convention and smash ceilings. This is what we stand for – it is what makes Penrhos quite different, and very special.

Penrhos is an environment that celebrates and empowers all girls, where each individual is nurtured and valued, and where stereotypes are left by the wayside. Our girls are empowered to make decisions for their education that support them in their chosen journey, and enjoy learning in a safe environment where every girl is supported to speak to what she believes in, to freely explore her passions, creativity and academic excellence, and to achieve her personal best. This could be in the Arts, in the Sciences, Humanities, sports – there are no restrictions on what’s on offer to a Penrhosian.

I bring to Penrhos my commitment to continuous progression and innovation in education, gained over 20 years of working with diverse students and educators – with world experts, Nobel laureates, international speakers, and those people that have really driven global agendas in education. I will continue to apply my skills and experience to nurturing, supporting, growing and preparing Penrhos girls for the internationally competitive workplace of the future.

Together, we grow.

Kalea Haran