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Penrhos College Foundation

The aim of the Penrhos College Foundation is to assist in safeguarding the financial future of Penrhos College while contributing to the school’s ongoing development.

Existing as a funding body which operates at arm’s length of the College’s day-to-day operations, it provides a source of funds not otherwise available from the College’s annual operating budget.

The Foundation actively supports the daily life of the College through:

  • Capital campaigns for College building projects
  • Scholarships and bursaries for students in need;
  • The Foundation Grants Scheme which provides financial assistance to the many support groups within the College such as Friends of Drama & Dance, Friends of Rowing, Menrhos and Friends of Music;
  • Sponsorship of College events such as the Year 12 Father/Daughter Dinner

Our students are incredibly fortunate to benefit from the generosity and support of previous generations of the Penrhos College community. Your generous financial support will go towards future initiatives and assist the College in maintaining an impressive standard of facilities for today’s students and future generations.

To find out more about making a gift to Penrhos College, please see our Giving to Penrhos page.

Penrhos Foundation Board Members

Tony Connors President
Sondra Anderson Vice-President
Sally Audeyev Secretary
Alistair Baron Member
Chris Gee Member
Helen Jones Member
David Wallace Member
Simon Woods Member


Meg Melville Principal
Stephen Cooper Director, Finance & Administration
Paula Barrow Director, Marketing & Development
Emma Cornwall Development Coordinator
Karen Ambrose Minutes Secretary